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Founded in 1995, RBM Building Machinery Trading Sdn. Bhd. ® as an award winning company ( ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified) with well experienced , reputed and highly recognized as the manufacturer of the creative and innovative machinery that provide the best solution and advance method for building industry.RBM ® presented the 3 in 1 Foam Concrete Machine Model : RBM-1000 in the year 2009 with the status of most excellence & innovative product that launched by Y.A.B Dato Sri Mohd Najib Tun Abdul Razak ,the Malaysia Prime Minister for the Industrialized Building Systems (IBS) to emphasis speed , quality , and sustainability of ECO value for the construction & building industry.


RBM ® with its building technology and system, amazingly change recycled materials into an astonishing building wall without harming environment and able to sustain energy efficiency for building as a better insulation & fire rated wall to reduce global warming.

Throughout the years of researches & development, RBM ® focus on the green & smart technology to develope concrete characteristic & properties.
Dr . Goh Chua Woo the Managing Director of RBM ® founded the sercets of Insulated Lightweight Concrete ® with faster, easier & more quality way that give a great advantages for construction & building industry. Making the RBM ® successful to introduce the Green & Smart Technology.


RBM ® specializes in developing new building solution , design ,production and after-sale service of machinery , formwork system & insulated lightweight concrete technology ®(known as Foam Concrete) that are known for the performance, technology, innovation ,technical back-up and advance solution recommended into construction. RBM ® also ensures the stringent quality standards of its machinery ,formwork system and insulated lightweight concrete technology ® are fully committed.

As part of its long-term strategy, manufacturing machinery and formwork system is our main focus .Developing the Industrialised Building System(IBS) for the building and construction industry to reach it’s maximum efficiency to complete the project and archieving a high quality finishes , reduce the material wastage and eventually time & cost saving. The latest 3 in 1 Foam Concrete Machine Model : RBM-2000 had also been tested by SIRIM on the pumping capability which can pump up to 125 meters vertical height or 35 storeys of Malaysia building standard as international record.


RBM ® quality , professionalism , high performance and best services have earned its wide recognition not only in Malaysia & Singapore , but also exported to China, UAE, Vietnam, England, India ,Sri Lanka ,Phillipines, Cambodia, Africa, Australia ,Indonesia, Ghana, South Africa, Mongolia & Laos. Our company is optimistic on the prospect on extending into global market.


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