RBM formwork is made from metal and is able to recycle the usage for cast structures and wall that resemble conventional plastered brick structures. The system is involve the pre-designed according to the architectural drawing ,i.e wall, column & beam , window/door .As planning on coordinate the set of formwork in-situ, this able to solve the problem of deflection to increase the installation job to the fastest limit.
  1. Formwork panels are produced by high accuracy machine  after dimension of panels is given,which allows high production of exact quality standards .Due to the production process, number of sets of formwork can be produced in any country at any time.Individual panels also can be produced base on the architectural /site requirement.
  2. Lightweighted and can therefore easily be handled and transported.
  3. Easy to connect/dismantle panel by panel with all the accessories and tools. 
  4. Have 2 Ties between every formwork  panel that able to hold the load of concrete.
  5. The numbers of components are modular,making adjustments in dimension is simple.
  6. It has a long life,and after its usage the panel are recyclable.
  7. Produce a smooth off-the mould surface,which does not require plastering..
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