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RBM Insulated Concrete    

  • Reduces the dead load of a structure.
  • It can be manufactured to precise specifications of strength and densities.
  • Needs minimum handling. It eliminates transport cost since it can be cast at site in situated.
  • Has excellent workability. Can be nail ,planed drilled, wall plug and sawn .
  • Provides excellent insulation against heat/cold and sound.
  • Will take all traditional surface finishes – paint ,tiles, bituminous membrane ,carpet, wall paper etc.
  • Is vermin and rot proof. Is high rated resistant to moisture. Is high rated fire resistant ( 4Hours fire rated certified BB/FCW/1405/2009 ).
The properties of RBM Insulated Lightweight Concrete are such that it has a wide field of use. The use of foam concrete can be seen from these examples:
  1. In Light weighted insulating brick, block , roof tiles ,etc.
  2. In Building panels and partition walls of various dimensions either pre-cast or cast in-situ.
  3. •In all type of insulation work, including cavity walls and fencing.
  4. Inceiling panel.
  5. In sound proofing application.
  6. In pre-cast commercial ,industrial and domestic building panels ,both internal and external.
  7. In pre-cast/in-situated exterior wall facades for all size of buildings.
  8. In panels and sub-surface for stable, to reduce humidity and dampness to stabilize temperatures.
  9. In sub-surface for sport arenas, e.g. tennis courts.
  10. In infill sections between beams of suspended floors.
  11. In cast in-situ for whole unit of Single/Double storey house.

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